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26 May 2013

My point was for them to guess the love story and write =) sheeesh... the imagination...

Once apon a time a man called John who was on a trip with his friends around the world, when he found the most beautiful girl that he had ever seen.
They were walking through the streets of Paris when he decided to look to the right and sitting in the esplanade there was a blond, tall girl with beautiful green eyes, red lips and a georgeus smile.
At first John felt strange because he had seen a lot of girls, but noone was like her.

John decided to go round talk to her, but when he got to the esplanade she wasn't there anymore. So he decided to ask the people in the next table if they had seen her. They said that the girl had gone left, so he decided to go after her and after half an hour walking he decided to quit, but just when he was thinking about it, the gorl went right by his side. He gained courage and he decided to talk to her ... They talked for 15 minutes until she said that she had to leave. Hearing that, John decided to ask her out, but she said tahe she was a lesbian and already had a girlfriend ...

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