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05 May 2013

Margarida's latest homework =) AKA a new wacky web tale!

Last night, as I sat in the living room eating donuts and watching simpsons, the telephone rang. When I picked it up, I heard a(n) sleeping sound. It was my ugly friend Zé. He told me that he couldn't solve the three problems that teacher of portuguese had assigned for homework.
I'm pretty noisy in math, so it took me only ten minutes to figure out the answers. “These problems are easy!” I told him. “Use your telephone.”
“It's broken!” he said. “I think my pig played over it.”
“Then you'll just have to use your fingers!” I suggested sometimes.
“OMG !!!! You're a big help! The next time I need advice, I'll call Brad Pitt,” he shouted.
I don't know why Zé was so mad. Did he want me to give him the answers?

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