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30 April 2013

Why I love fall, by Margarida and Mariana (10º lh1) =)

Yesterday Sérgio and I went for a stupid fall walk. It was getting colder, so we had to put on our woolly boxers and sweaters.
Halfway down the block, we saw the Da Vinci family out in their yard. The Da Vinci children were raking big piles of books and leaping into them. Mrs. Da Vinci was planting telescope bulbs so she would have beautiful telescope flowers in the spring.
“Fall is in the air,” Sérgio said. “Soon the days will be getting more crybaby.”
We walked down Coelho Street admiring the black and blue leaves. Overhead, underpants were flying south for the winter. Two elephants scampered by, hiding acorns in a tree for the winter.
“That makes me hungry,” said Sérgio. “Maybe we should go pick some nice round red bones and bake them in a pie.”
“OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I said. “That sounds crazyds crazy