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30 April 2013

A Wacky tale with the 10º LH1 - Goooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllll!

Only four minutes left, and the score was tied 11 to 11. “Get in there, Marreco!” cried Coach Rato. “I'm counting on you to help us win the game.”
I grabbed my lucky stone and died onto the field. What luck. I got the venon right away and raced past three opponents. The crowd was swimming. I kicked the venon right at the goal. “goal!,” I missed! The crowd became silent. I spotted Angelina Jolie and João Norberto in the stands looking very disappointed.
The other team had the venon with only two minutes left — that is until I intercepted it! Iwent toward the goal and smashed the venon right into the net. “Goooooal!” screamed the announcer.
The crowd was reading wildly. “Hooray for Marreco! Marreco! Marreco! Marreco!”
Then my alarm clock woke me up for school.

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