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30 April 2013

A wacky tale by 10º CT4 - Burp!

Quinzinho had everything a(n) monkey could ask for. He had small food, a big, dumb bed, and the Andrioleto family to look after him.

One morning Quinzinho woke up. “I'm hungry!” he said. He went down to the bedroom but everyone in the Andrioleto family was still asleep. “I guess I'll have to find my own breakfast,” he said.
Quinzinho went outside and wrote down the street. On the sidewalk, he saw a(n) beautiful potato. “Gulp!” Down went the potato. “Not bad!” said Quinzinho.
Next, Quinzinho headed for the park. There he found a pair of potatoes just sitting on a bench. “Gulp! Gulp.” Down went the potatoes. “Mmmm, big!” said Quinzinho.
Quinzinho was feeling very smart as he skipped over to a video store. There he saw some tasty video games. “Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!” Quinzinho swallowed God Of War and Little Big Planet whole.
YAY!! It must be time to go home,” said Quinzinho. He saw back home and up the stairs to his dumb bed.
“Breakfast! Time for breakfast, Quinzinho!” called Mrs. Andrioleto.
“I don't feel very well,” groaned Quinzinho. “It must have been those pizzas I ate for supper last night.” Burp!