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30 April 2013

A wacky tale by 10º CT4 - Burp!

Quinzinho had everything a(n) monkey could ask for. He had small food, a big, dumb bed, and the Andrioleto family to look after him.

One morning Quinzinho woke up. “I'm hungry!” he said. He went down to the bedroom but everyone in the Andrioleto family was still asleep. “I guess I'll have to find my own breakfast,” he said.
Quinzinho went outside and wrote down the street. On the sidewalk, he saw a(n) beautiful potato. “Gulp!” Down went the potato. “Not bad!” said Quinzinho.
Next, Quinzinho headed for the park. There he found a pair of potatoes just sitting on a bench. “Gulp! Gulp.” Down went the potatoes. “Mmmm, big!” said Quinzinho.
Quinzinho was feeling very smart as he skipped over to a video store. There he saw some tasty video games. “Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!” Quinzinho swallowed God Of War and Little Big Planet whole.
YAY!! It must be time to go home,” said Quinzinho. He saw back home and up the stairs to his dumb bed.
“Breakfast! Time for breakfast, Quinzinho!” called Mrs. Andrioleto.
“I don't feel very well,” groaned Quinzinho. “It must have been those pizzas I ate for supper last night.” Burp!


  1. Her's my wacky tale!

    All a Dream

    I fell asleep yesterday listening to an old album that my mom had. I really enjoyed it, though I had a weird dream. It was kind of like one of the old songs.

    I've been workin' in home,
    All the big day.
    I've been workin' in home,
    Just to pass the time away.
    Don't you hear the whistle studying?
    Rise up so early in the morn.
    Don't you hear Pink shouting
    “Rita, eat your horn? ”

    Rita, won't you eat,
    Rita, won't you eat,
    Rita, won't you eat your horn?
    Rita, won't you eat,
    Rita, won't you eat,
    Rita, won't you eat your horn?

    Someone's in the kitchen with Rita.
    Someone's in the kitchen, I know.
    Someone's in the kitchen with Rita
    Strumming on the old flute.

    It was the weirdest dream I've had in a long time!

    Roberto Fernandes :)

  2. The Best Town in the World

    One Direction came to do a concert in Irinaville once, and the band liked it so much they never left. Now every Wednesday night, all the people who live in Irinaville put on their beautiful, pink dresses and walk their leopard to the town square. Then they sit on the grass, listen to One Direction play pop music, and eat chips.

    No one has to go to school in Irinaville unless they want to. Of course, everybody wants to because Bruno Mars and Zac Efron are two of the teachers. Bruno Mars teaches English and Zac Efron teaches sing.

    One day Bruno Mars said to Zac Efron, “Maybe we should take the students on a field trip.”

    “That's a(n) incredible idea, Bruno Mars,” said Zac Efron. “Let's take them to the most fun place we can think of.”

    “But that would be Irinaville,” said Bruno Mars.

    “You're right!” Zac Efron exclaimed. “Call off the field trip! We're already here!”

    Irina :)

  3. OH wow! Bruno Mars?? WOW! =D

  4. Bruno Mars of course! Every1 likes Bruno Mars ;)