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19 October 2013

Aren't I a lucky teacher? =))) This is a text by Teresa Castro, 11º CT4

One day at school, your teacher comes into the classroom places a box on the floor, and leaves the room. Suddenly the box begins to move. Write a story about what happens next.

When I saw the box moving I froze. All the classroom stopped. We were wondering what was going on.
Suddenly, Rita that was very curious got up and went to see what was in the box.
When she opened the box , a monster jumped out. All girls screamed at the same time and the boys didn´t react.
The monster was big, green, with four eyes and two mouths.
I was terrified, I had never seen something like that. We were wondering what the monster wanted.
So, Roberto and Irina had na idea. They decided to talk to him, to try to understand what the monster wanted.
In the beginning the monster didn´t answer but some minutes later he talked. He said that he wanted to eat all of us, starting with all boys with a beard. I never saw Zé and Bessa so worried.
The monster was almost catching Zé when teacher Carla, comes into the classroom and killed the monster with a paperclip.
Now that the danger is gone, I realize that maybe teacher Carla wanted to teach us a lesson, and probably the lesson is " be careful with your choises". Well if that was the intention, the lesson is learnt

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